Travel Medicine

Travel Medicine is a relatively new specialty. As U.S. travelers begin to travel to more exotic and remote locations they are exposed to an entirely new and rapidly evolving set of health conditions. New and emerging diseases, changing disease epidemiology, and a lack of immunity make U.S. travelers particularly susceptible to
getting sick while traveling. Many primary health physicians are not informed adequately enough on these issues to provide the current, accurate information that travelers will need.

Dr. Habis and other Prima physicians advise on personal safety issues and simple behavior changes, as well as necessary vaccines and chemoprophylaxis (medications) for preventing illness and injury during travel.

Travel Forms: Download and fill out our Travel Pre-Consultation FormTravelers, immigrants, students leaving to study abroad, missionaries – anyone who requires specialized care from living or traveling outside the U.S. – benefit from our physician’s expertise in travel medicine. With our world becoming increasingly global, travel medicine is becoming applicable to everyone.

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