Patient Stories

Jerry Herman

jhJerry saw Dr. Bonneau off and on for 8 years receiving cortisone injections for both his knees. His knees would become so painful that, unless he received these cortisone injections, he was unable to play golf. The amount of time in between the cortisone injections became less and less until he couldn’t put off surgery any longer. “It was starting to hurt to the point that I had run out of time and needed to get it done.” The first knee replacement was done November 7, 2009 and the 2nd knee was done March 10, 2010. “I came to see him for my five week checkup after the 2nd surgery and he cleared me to play golf. I went and played golf that day and I’ve been playing twice a week since then.”

Erin Armusewicz

eaErin was an avid runner for many years and it finally had gotten to the point that she was in pain constantly. “I was doing one marathon a month and mostly the pain would be the night after the race.” After having several arthroscopies on both knees, she was told that it was time to have partial knee replacements. Erin ran her last race December 20th and her first partial knee replacement was December 31st. Erin had the second partial knee replacement on September 7th. Seven months after having both surgeries, Erin is now “walking 2 ½ miles every night and coming back with no pain”. She is also enjoying hiking with her dog, Diego. She is now cycling, as well.

Rich Calkin

rcRich’s handball game was slowing up when all of a sudden during one game he felt that his hip went out. “I thought it was a groin pull.” He saw Dr. Bonneau and found out that he had advanced osteoarthritis in his right hip and his right knee. Hip resurfacing was the perfect option for Rich so he would not have to stop playing handball. He had the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure in March 2010 and was able to play handball in the middle of May of that year. He played handball until he had his knee replaced in October 2010. Five months after surgery he was able to return to the sport and was in his “first tournament the first weekend of April, 2011.”

Pete Arrigoni

paPete was very active, playing tennis, skiing, fishing, hunting and gardening, but had a lot of discomfort in his hip. “It got so bad I couldn’t walk anymore.” He came in to see Dr. Bonneau and was told that he needed his hip replaced. Following his surgery, Pete now enjoys his life without pain in his hip. “I haven’t been restricted at all with respect to the job he did. It’s been outstanding!” Pete now enjoys hiking, hunting and fly fishing again, pain free.

Kevin Buckler

kbKevin, the owner of a professional racing organization and an active athlete, started to develop some knee problems. “I had always said that I think I went over my quota for moguls in skiing and it was getting quite painful to do the things I loved to do.” Dr. Bonneau found a small tear in Kevin’s medial meniscus and with surgery was able to repair it completely. “I was really worried, but the surgery was easy and it worked. I did my left one last year and my right one this year.”

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