Access Your Health Records Online Easily and Securely

Online access to your health record is just a click away!


With FollowMyHealth you can access your personal health records at the click of a button.

Prima Medical Group is excited to offer our patients a new service that puts you in the driver’s seat of your personal healthcare management. Welcome to FollowMyHealth, our online health record.

FollowMyHealth is a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health¬care and communicate directly with your physician offices online. This FREE self-service health management tool opens the door to new levels of communication and makes you an active participant in your own health and wellness.

Benefits for Existing Patients

Online Access – Anytime, Anywhere

Access your health information via laptop, smart phone or tablet – from home, during activities, or while traveling!

Convenient Physician Communication

Enjoy the ease of secure online communication with your physician refill requests, messaging and more

Manage Your Personal Information

Review and update your health history and personal information in your health record

Trusted and Secure Connection

Take advantage of our user-friendly “login association” by using your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Windows LiveID credentials as your health record login ID too – while we ensure that your private health information remains separate and secure at the same time.

From the Patient Portal, you can:

View your lab results.

HOW: From the home page, click on the link that says “Results.” From this screen you will see your lab results and the values. It will show if they are normal or abnormal and the normal range they should be.

Request appointments.

HOW: From the home page, click on “Appointments.” From this page, you can click on the calendar icon located at the top hand corner of the page to request an appointment.

Update your demographic information.

HOW: From the home page, click on “My Info.” From this page, you can edit information under general information, emergency contacts and responsible party information. To edit any of the items, click on the tab needing to be updated and click on the “Edit” icon. Then, when completed, click on the “Finish and Save” icon.

Print your health record.

HOW: From the home page, click on “My Health” then at the top of the screen click on the “printer” icon.

Securely email your doctor’s office with non-urgent health questions.

Most medical concerns will require an appointment. If this is the case for your concern, your physician’s office will contact you. In cases where an appointment is not needed, we will reply directly to you.

HOW: From the home page, click on the link that says “Messages.” Then click on the “Envelope” icon to compose a message. To choose your physician, click on the down arrow. After you’ve finished the message press “Send.”

You can also:

Access “Follow My Health” on your iPhone or
Droid smartphone.

HOW: Download the FollowMyHealth app on
your smartphone and log in!

Connect with your physician and care team today!